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Amazon Dash Buttons - making them work for you

In this tutorial we'll learn how to use the Amazon Dash buttons (typically goes in the range of 0.99$ to 5$) to trigger any HA action; The configuration, like many other things in life, is divided to two parts : the Amazon mobile app & HA configuration


Amazon app

Once you receive the Amazon Dash button it first needs to be registered. This is done through the Amazon Shopping app (can be downloaded for IOS & Android), see below video for detailed configuration steps

Once you get to the point where you need to choose the item that'd be ordered by this button, just click "exit configuration"; This concludes the Dash button registration step on the Amazon mobile app


Home Assistant

For HA we'll show here how to toggle the state of your AC by clicking on the now-registered Amazon Dash button.

The steps are :

  1. Make sure discovery is turned on for HA, this is usually done by adding "discovery:" to the configuration yaml file

  2. Click on the Dash button briefly and then go to your known_devices.yaml file, a new device should appear, the vendor will look something like this:

  3. We'll now configure nmap device tracker / ASUS device tracker (either should work fine) with the following params Important note : the interval_seconds parameters might need to be adjusted according to the reponse of your home router to the device_tracker representing the Amazon Dash button

  4. To be able to actually trigger automations we'll now create a binary sensor that will map the device tracker's home/not_home status to the button's actual state (on/off):

  1. Now for the final part - the automation : That should be it - now upon every button press of your Amazon Dash button, the AC (in our example) should turn on / off

  • Dash buttons are limited to 1000 presses (after which the battery can be removed by cutting the plastic casing and removing the battery)

  • Optional - since Dash buttons connect to the Amazon servers, you may want to block the traffic going to the Amazon servers to actually make the request to purchase items (no items will be purchased if the last setup step hasn't been reached)

As usual folks, all comments are welcome

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